Renter’s Resume and 1-Click Leasing

I had a “what if” moment on Saturday…

What if we created a business model that was predicated on a renter’s resume and resulted in 1-click leasing. The renter’s resume, in short, would include everything we collect on our traditional property applications with the difference being a third party validating all the information to include some sort of score. Then, somehow we push this information through our various posting sites to include ILS’s like,, our own websites, etc. The theme would be ease – not unlike buying a book at Amazon.

The essence of the business model would lead to one click leasing via our various websites and offices. I could see craigslist posts, forrent pages, pages and even our very own websites embedded with a renter’s resume one click lease widget. Not a reserve this apartment button, rather a one click and your done button. If you really needed it, there could be an option that reserved an apartment until the prospect had a chance to view it. And, in that case the sales person, via their respective property manangemnt systems, could do a one click lease contract pre-populated with the renter’s specific information. Throw in a couple of digital signatures, a credit card swipe and an automatic emailed .pdf and your done.

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