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  1. Link to Econsultancy seems to be broken-can you fix it so I can read the article? You may want to know about postling.com which lets you post to multiple social media services from one platform and will track replies/comments in the next few weeks.

  2. There is also a great tool for managing your properties on your iphone. The app is called Property Manager (by Being Properties):

    Property Manager is an awesome app and a must have for anyone with multiple properties. This app was designed for helping you manage multiple properties with multiple tenants. Whether you are a landlord, property management company or real estate investor, this application will help you manage a single house, condo, duplex, multi unit apartment or all of the above at once. Property Manager allows you to quickly access your building information and images, tenant and lease information, operating expenses per building, calculates positive or negative cash flow per unit (operating expenses less rent), and allows you to create work orders for projects, attach them to individual properties and units, and email them to others.

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