Welcome back to another episode of Collective Conversations, brought to you by MultifamilyCollective, your hub for all things multifamily. In this episode, we are excited to welcome our esteemed guests, David Staley and Reid Wicoff, co-founders of Digible, a groundbreaking company redefining the multifamily industry. David, the President, and Reid, the CEO, join us today to discuss their journey in taking multifamily to the future. We delve deep into their Manifestus, discussing the guiding stars that have led them through their journey - their love for the industry, their circumstances, and the culture they have cultivated within their team. One of their shared beliefs is, “We’re ready and willing to take on the toughest of challenges to get the best results for our clients. But we’re also happy to just hang out and enjoy one another’s company...and maybe a tasty beverage or two.” This quote perfectly sums up their ethos and commitment to their work and team. I love it! Their mission is, compelling, bold, and audacious - to blow the industry's freaking mind! Their vision is a work in progress, as they're still unpacking the box and exploring new ways to innovate and push boundaries. David and Reid also share some cool stories about their core values: authenticity, curiosity, focus, humility, and happiness. These values are their guiding principles, shaping their business strategies and client relationships. We intended to discuss their love for comics, but ran out of time! I guess they will be a return guest! So, buckle up for a captivating conversation about multifamily's future, the power of company culture, and how to marry business with pleasure. Don't forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe to stay updated with our latest content. See you in the episode! PageLines