Something Big Is Coming

My team at RADCO Residential and I have been working on a project for several months and, if you were paying close attention, you may have noticed an easter egg or two in our social media feeds. I don’t often use this space to tout my business events, but this is a big one and I am too excited about it to not share it with everyone.

RADCO Residential is now offering our property management platform in service of third-party owners and investors. RADCO Residential was initially formed to fill the need faced by The RADCO Companies for an in-house management platform with the agility to rapidly execute on evolving business strategies for their owned portfolio.

RADCO was approached in the past about providing third-party services but we opted to wait. It’s never an easy thing to turn down business opportunities but it was the right thing to do at the time. We were committed to developing strong cultural and business practices while building out our infrastructure and systems first.

Why now? RADCO Residential has the cultural courage and structural fortitude to deliver operational success for third-party owners and investors. Five years of managing RADCO’s dynamic portfolio and helped us formalize the practice of full transparency between property management and asset management which fuels collaborative solutions.

Please reach out if you want to know more or go to our Client Services page for more info.

Published by Mike Brewer

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