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ApartmentHacker Weekly Podcast Recap Episodes 21-25

In ApartmentHacker episodes 21-25, I discuss my thoughts on everything from education to my desire to be enriched in the multifamily space. Buckle up and enjoy. And, push back where you see fit in the comment section below.

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Episode 4 | Apartment Hacker | Servant Leadership

I believe leaders are made with the right amount of love, care and respect.

In Episode 4 I give you my thoughts related to Servant Leadership.

Leadership is something I’ve held front and center in my career.

I believe leaders are made with the right amount of love, care and respect.

There is no SOP for leadership but there are principles to live by and I think it all starts with a servant’s mind.

You consistently searching for chances to serve the people who serve our space multifamily maniac,


How to Handle the Angry

A chunk of chewed Doritos flew out of her mouth and landed on my arm.I had a choice; be angry or exercise willpower.

I recall a time, when working on-site, that an angry resident came into my office. She had a jar of banana peppers in her hand and was snacking on a bag of Doritos. She sat down in front of me and begin to speak very loudly. Speaking loudly all the while crunching on her Doritos. At one point a chunk of chewed Doritos flew out of her mouth and landed on my arm and in one fell swoop she picked it up and put it back in her mouth. And continue to yell at me. She had crazy talent – if you ask me. All that said, I had a choice.

How do you handle the angry?

What do you do when someone yells at you because of something that went wrong on your property? There is a natural tendency to feel angry or even scared. Both are natural. It’s what you do with these feelings that matters most. And it provides a big opportunity for multifamily trainers across the country.

Customer Service with a Plan

Remember that customer service is a cornerstone to our business. Approach every single hostile situation with that in mind. Also, approach it with a plan that you craft ahead of time. Starbucks uses an approach aptly named the LATTE Method:

  • Listen completely to the customer.
  • Acknowledge the problem.
  • Take action to resolve the problem.
  • Thank the customer for bringing the situation to your attention.
  • Encourage the customer to return.

 It all starts with a page in a manual that is largely blank. At the top of the page are the words “When the customer is unhappy my plan is to…” Now, we won’t get into the quite fascinating underlying science to this exercise but it is very effective to have a plan in place before a situation takes place. Think of it like a disaster plan for customer service situations. 

Plan for Angry

Try it now. Take out a blank piece of paper and write down the words “when the customer is unhappy my plan is…” then use the latte method to map out what you would do. Then role-play that with yourself in your car (I know you role-play in your car) on the way to work or role-play it with your fellow leasing consultants, assistant managers and property managers. Imbue it on your mind with repetition. And trust me, the next time someone spits chewed Doritos on your arm, you will know exactly what to do.

Your big believer in boosting willpower Multifamily Maniac, M

2013 Lessons

What was the most important lesson you learned in 2013?

I learned that there is incredible value in having very strong people in your key leadership roles.

Spend the time necessary to hire right 100% of the time. The time invested on the front side yields very large returns down the road.

It is key to the success of your respective organizations!



As we wind down the year I think it prudent to examine the habits that lead our lives.

Whoa – almost forgot how to use WordPress; it has been so long. Got into a bad habit of not writing everyday.

Came across a quote today that got me thinking about Habits –

William James, Habit“When we look at living creatures from an outward point of view, one of the first things that strike us is that they are bundles of habits.” – William James

As we wind down the year I think it prudent to look at the habits that lead our lives.

Are they working for you or against you?

Do you need to throw out the old and bring in some new?

Do you need to set some goals and then think about the habits that will bring those goals to life?

Do you need to stop thinking so much and just go do stuff?

I know for me – I would like to get back to writing, it’s been way to long. And, I miss it…

Your thinking about habits multifamily maniac,




I think the short answer is – teach, train, coach and mentor.

I am walking my way through the gigantic book that Seth Godin put out via the Kickstarter platform – page 9 of 800+/-. It’s a monster of a book. Let’s just say, it adds a whole new meaning to the idiom; throw the book at someone. It would level even the strongest among us.  The entry I read tonight talked about being done.


Are we ever done in the property management business? I can’t tell you the last time my inbox was at zero or my to do list was fully accomplished. Or, that my site-visits were 100% done. Or, my apartment budgets were 100% complete. Or, my media company projects were all accomplished.  But, what if I could say that? What would I do?

I think the short answer is – teach, train, coach and mentor. Read: lead the horse to the troth and teach him how to drink. Or, teach a person how to fish, if you prefer that well stated analogy. I would get back to the thing that I love the most about this business – exciting, encouraging and inspiring people.

Why Don’t I 

The otherwise obvious follow-up to that bit of knowledge is – why don’t I?

Property management is a crazy world of nonstop fun and excitement. Never a dull moment. And, one day rarely looks like the day before or the day to come. In all fairness, like any other business in the world. Many times we are reacting where responding would be the much preferred alternative. It’s the nature of the beast – as they say.

That is my cop-out answer. My way of shirking responsibility.

The real answer – I don’t know but I am considering the ways to get relentlessly committed to getting back to what I love.

Your looking forward to accomplishing some people building multifamily maniac,



Whose Measuring Tape Are You Using?

Your measuring tape should gauge you against your own best self and leave the noise behind.

Measuring apartment leadership success.

The over the top and amazing Dr. J had the best take on measuring himself as it related to the sport of basketball success.

It went something like – no one challenges me more than me – my goal everyday is to improve the basketball player than I was yesterday. I’m sure I have the real quote all kinds of wrong but hopefully you get the point.

His measuring tape was him. And, his tell is still being played out on highlight reels today. Okay – they are digitized, tagged with keywords and other meaningful meta data so they are now streamed, searchable and sharable.

Quick Point

Your measuring tape should gauge you against your own best self and leave the noise behind.

Your encouraging you to find your own measuring stick in 2013 Multifamily Maniac,



Are you restless in the multifamily business?

If you become someone who is uncomfortable unless he/she is creating change, restless if things are standing still, and disappointed if you haven’t failed recently, you’ve figured out how to become comfortable with the behaviors most likely to make you feel safe going forward. – #sethgodin – The Icarus Deception


I don’t know about you but I get restless more than I care to admit. I think life should be moving along a lot faster than the borderline meaningless tasks that I partake in. I catch myself – more times than not – thinking about how – in the bigger scheme of things (read: cosmic sort of stuff) – half the to-dos I am asked for are just nonsensical. Add $5 bucks to this line item, take $40 off that line item, add a period after this comment or that comment, use affect instead of effect or reword this because it does not fit my view of the world. Nonsense.

What matters in our business? The perfect budget. Not in your lifetime. The real deal is – people. The real deal is – relationship. The real deal is – collaboration. The real deal is – synergy. The real deal is – character. The real deal is getting cool stuff accomplished. You can’t capture that on a spreadsheet. Never. But, guess it – that is what matters most. Financiers, bankers, hard money, investors, etc.. – makes not the difference. I get it – you are analytical. But spreadsheets don’t get business done – people do. Proformas don’t make it happen – people do. Data entry doesn’t make it happen – building energy does.

The Mark of a Leader 

Recognize when the natives are restless. And, get the nonsense (as they view the world) out of their way.

Good business happens by default when your business serves the people who are serving it.