Multifamily Leadership: Reward the Doers

I would rather catch a tiger by the tail than have to light a fire under an elephant’s ass…

Execution and results are the name of the game in any and all business. Be it for profit or not for profit, getting things done that most positively effect the outcome is the chief aim. And, there are several ways to make sure your multifamily business is achieving results. There is the almighty stick and the ever enticing carrot. Threats and rewards. For the sake of this post and the continuation of this leadership series let us focus on reward.

Multifamily Doers

What is a doer? I heard a saying one time that went something like this; I would rather catch a tiger by the tail than have to light a fire under anGetting Things Done in the Multifamily Space elephant’s ass. It speaks loudly in the way of defining a doer. Doer’s get things done. They move mountains. They find ways that others never even dream about much less think about. They never let a day go by without making meaningful progress toward their goals and aspirations. And, doers get rewarded.

Three Suggestions

1. Measure what you expect and reward what you measure

2. Reward the doers far in excess of the status quo – exaggerated and excessively reward the doers

3. Promote those that get things done – quickly


Multifamily Leadership: Follow Through

Results Rule

Up to this point in our Seven Behaviors Leadership Series we have talked about Knowing Your People and Knowing Your Business,  Insisting on Realism , Setting Clear Goals and Priorities.

In today’s entry we are going to discuss follow through. I have disclosed my follow through epiphany story a couple of times on this and a couple other blogs. It really was the turning point for me in my career as the point of follow through hit me right between the eyes. It was one of the those duh! moments.

Multifamily Team Follow Through

That said and on the heels of our Relentless Courage a couple weeks ago. The post spoke to people withholding comments and feedback in group meeting forums. So much gets missed if we don’t encourage an open culture where feedback is paramount to getting better. Once you have the sharing culture set in place; follow through should be next on the list.

Four Things to Consider

1. Team leaders/communicators have to make objectives or action items very clear. Ask clarifying questions such as; Do you understand what is expected? or Is there anything you don’t understand about what we need to get accomplished?.

2. Help people understand the ‘Why behind the what’ of follow through items. Helping people see the big picture assists with two things

a. They see the action item as a mission and not a task

b. They understand that the action is assisting in the creation of something bigger than self. A key motivating factor for many

3. Set the right follow through mechanisms in place. Who is responsible? How will they track? Who will they report out to? When?

4. Ask questions along the way. Don’t just assign and forget. As the leader, it is imperative that you check in along the way.

5. Always conduct postmortems? Review the results of follow through or lack thereof. There is tremendous value in replaying events.

Your off to follow through on today’s commitments contributor,

Multifamily Leadership: Seven Behaviors

Who wants to Lead in Multifamily
Multifamily Leaders

It feels like a leadership Friday today. Not sure if it’s the cloudy skies, the chance for rain or the innate need to start a series. I do know that over the long bit of time I have spent in the multifamily business, I tend to naturally migrate to two primary drivers; leadership development and marketing and branding. And, with the advent of the Internet and the massive proliferation of it’s use for marketing apartments much of my time and attention has been invested there. But, as of late I am feeling a draw back to leadership.

Seven Multifamily Leadership Behaviors

Leadership is one of those topics that is rife with, great theory, good thought, wild opinion and plain misinformation. Even I struggle to nail down my own convictions after nearly twenty years of studying the subject both in academia and by real life experience. There are a number of reasons for that ranging from the four distinct generations that make up many of our work teams to the advent and use of efficient communication technologies. That said and for the sake of this series I intend to draw from Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan’s book: Execution.

Execution is not a book about leadership as much as it is about setting up environments that are conducive to getting stuff done. But innate in the literature and as captured in Chapter 3; leadership is really the premise. And, they have narrowed leadership down to seven behaviors that make a lot of sense to me.

Those seven behaviors will be the premise for my seven part series. I hope to get a brief post, focusing on essence, out every Friday which will be a true exercise in discipline for me.

Here are the seven behaviors in list form:

1. Know your people and your business

2. Insist on realism

3. Set clear goals and priorities

4. Follow through

5. Reward the doers

6. Expand people’s capabilities

7. Know yourself

I look forward to expanding on the seven behaviors drawing from my treasure chest of stories. I hope we have some fun sharing.

Your looking forward to a relaxing weekend contributer,