Episode 789 | Celebrate People’s Talent

Episode 789 Apartment Hacker

If you play a part (hint: we all do) in building a culture for your multifamily organization, I encourage you to pick up The Culture Engine book by S. Chris Edmonds.

The book was written in 2014, but I think the message is evergreen in that the ideas and concepts are still applicable today.  

One concept is to deeply understand the unique individual team member talents and try to find ways to celebrate them.

One specific example found a team member with a musical talent highlighted by way of some brief video clips from a concert sitting and some other short guitar riffs.

It’s time to treat people holistically in the multifamily space. No longer can you tell people to hang their problems on the coat rack outside the door. People are people and they bring their whole self to the office. And, personal issues don’t magically disappear when the cross the threshold of the apartment leasing office door, or the door to your multifamily management corporate office.

Find ways to celebrate your team members, and when you do come back ApartmentHacker site and share with the community!

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Author: Mike Brewer

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