Busy Work

Stop the busy work and start the work that matters.

I have unsubscribed from roughly 25 newsletters and blogs over the last 6 days. All in the name of streamlining and simplifying. How did I do it? I don’t give myself the time to second guess any of the unsubscribes. I ask one question – when is the last time I read one of these. Not just the headline. I mean really took the time to click on a link a read the post from start to finish. If the answer is more than a month or so – unsubscribe.

On the other side of that – I have become relentless on new subscriptions. Relentless such that I have decided not to subscribe to anything in 2013. And, if the next hot platform is not beating me over the head with some serious social pressure from my oft relied upon G+ apartment maniac circle – then I won’t sign up.

What will I be doing instead?

Working on my Apartment Business

Your relentlessly working on the business multifamily maniac,




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