Apartment Marketing: From Debate to Decisions

A big thank you to Jonathan Saar over at The Training Factor for today’s guest post…

It seems like just yesterday I was at a couple of conferences and reading various blog posts on social media, internet marketing and seeing a vast amount of people who were so negative and would make statements such as “It won’t work”, “It’s a fad” and other similar comments.  Look how far we have come!  Thank goodness for the many pioneers and forward thinkers we had and continue to have that pave the way.

I feel that many lessons have been learned over the past couple of years.  First off did we not learn the value of collaboration?  There were those who were on the fence.  There were those who threw stones. Then there were those who were willing to put themselves out there and provide meaningful dialog that contributed to the growth of the multifamily industry.  Look where we are now.  Numerous property management companies now have hard data on the impact social media has on our businesses.  Decisions were made.  They were also adjusted based on how data shifted.

I really believe multifamily was given a huge wakeup call.  When I first came into this industry I heard numerous comments on how behind our industry was and how it seemed to take forever for anything to change.  With the advent of social media marketing we learned there is very little time for debate and there is a pressing need for clear decisions.  Would you not agree?

What does the future hold?  Based on my observations I really believe that apartment marketing will continue to shift.  There are still many tools available that have not been fully tested but the pioneers are working their magic and are diving in.  Mobile marketing will continue to have a huge impact over the next couple of years.  The drive towards establishing a better community atmosphere will continue to shift forward.  I will say that in recent months the overall debate has died down and there are a lot more decisions taking place.  When I first started consulting with property management companies the question used to be “What is this all about?” Now the question is “What do we need to do?”   A big difference would you not agree?

Though there will continue to be minor debates over some of the new tools available it is definitely refreshing to see positive forward action by our industry.  It is also encouraging to see how the collaboration that has been taking place that has served our industry well.  By working together and testing out the waters it has served the purpose of making the apartment industry that much stronger.

So give me your feedback.  Do you think the debate has died down?  How is your company implementing decisions quicker?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Written by Jonathan Saar- The Training Factor

Published by Mike Brewer

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