So what is RentWiki?

That is the question Eric Wu posts on his blog. In Eric’s words RentWiki is “…peer recommendations on where to live.” See the entire post here.

I am excited to see this platform in action as I think Eric and his team really took the time to do this right. The look, feel and usability of the site is clean and simple.

I really believe this concept will ring true with consumers and with enough buzz RentWiki could become huge in the way of rental search. Just last week I was eating lunch with an industry vendor and brought up the subject of peer recommendations and how I thought RentWiki was a site to pay attention to. The response was fair and respectful with a kind of wait and see flair to it. I didn’t really push the subject at the time and in the same respect I think industry players will need to pay attention. I am not advocating that RentWiki will take over the world but I am suggesting there is room for them at what is quickly becoming and overcrowed table.


Author: Mike Brewer

Out to put a dent in the multifamily universe. Love compelling conversation...